Privacy Policy

At we value the privacy of our writers. Here are a few of our fundamental principles;

We are careful about the about the data we collect from you when you are offering us services, and the personal data we collect from you.

We only store our writers’ information for the time the law allows.

We try our best to see that you have control over your personal information that is permanently deleted, indexed by SEO and kept private.

Below is Privacy Policy that states and clarifies the principles.

Who We Are and What This Privacy Notice Cover

We are the folks who own and manage

The Privacy Policy has the details of the information we collect from you when you use our website, mobile app, and other product and services available at our site.

Throughout the Privacy Policy, we will refer to both our website and mobile application as Website.

We shall also refer to all the academic writing services as Services.

We are committed to protecting all the personal data of our writers. Personal data refers to any information that may refer to you as an individual. Our privacy policy explains why we collect the information, how we use it, and how we protect it.

How We Can Receive Our Information

There are several ways through which we can receive your personal data. We can receive your personal data from our partners through contracts, we can also receive from third parties who you allow to share your information, or we can get your data from our website with your consent.

Information We Collect About You

On visiting, the following information is automatically collected;

  • IP Addresses
  • Technical information
  • Information on the devices you use to access our website
  • Details on what you do on our site

How we respond to do not track signals

Like many websites and online sites, we do not respond to Do Not Track Signals. This is because, in this context, there is no agreement on the boundaries of Do Not Track.

Types of Personal Data and Why We Collect It

1.    User’s Country. This is for verification purposes, prevention of resale of accounts, and for VAT purposes.

2.    Email address. It is our main method of communication, and we also need it to send you our offers.

3.    Phone number. For verification process and immediate contact from support when need be.

4.    City and Zip code. For billing purposes.

5.    Copy of Diploma. For verification of the writer’s information in academics to ensure they can offer us the services we need.

Why Do We Collect Personal Data

  • For the provision of access to our website in the course of rendering us our services
  • To provide you with the information of any changes we make on our site or communicate in the shortest time possible on the services we may need from you.
  • To order services from our writers under contract
  • For legal purposes, if we have entered into a contract with you
  • To pay you for your services
  • Legal basis if we have to process your personal data

Storage and Transmission of Your Personal Data

You do need to worry about the safety of your data, at, we use the SSL encryption to protect your data from landing in unauthorized hands.

PS: We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time.